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A Lesson on Development

A Lesson on Development

Update: 2021-03-29


The Importance of Professional Development and Mentorship

In this episode, herdacious host Lorelei chats with Telesa Via about the effects of authentic mentorship and how prioritizing your own professional development will lead to greater career success. With the countless trailblazing women in the workforce today, Telesa relays the benefits of connecting with these women who can act as a source of guidance on our career journeys. From recognizing the red flags of unconscious bias in mentorship to making bold “asks” from the get go, Telesa reminds us that our career trajectories need not be travelled alone but in the company of women willing to drive us to the top alongside them!

Host: Lorelei Gonzalez
Co-host: Telesa Via 

Telesa Via is the Vice President of Sales at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants where she oversees sales activities from coast to coast and beyond, within North America. Her latest endeavor is co-chairing Kimpton’s newest internal committee, Black Lives Matter: Act to Action where she leads a diverse Kimpton committee, takes action to create real change and promotes opportunities and advancement for Black People and People of Color. She is a member of the American Society of Association Executives, Professional Conference Management Association and International Association of Exhibition Executives, among others. 

Things you will learn in this episode (chapter markers available):  

  • Women supporting women 3:31  
  • Overcoming gender stereotypes 5:00  
  • I come first 9:11
  • The door of opportunities 12:40
  • Start with The Ask 15:10
  • Trust the process 18:10
  • Unconscious bias in mentorship 21:53
  • Red flags 25:40
  • Femme fact: Asian-American Women 29:10

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A Lesson on Development

A Lesson on Development