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A Look at WooCommerce 4.3

A Look at WooCommerce 4.3

Update: 2020-07-09


WooCommerce 4.3

Although a minor release, the most noticeable improvement will be if you have been using the new homepage.

The New Home Page in WooCommerce

First off, if you are not clear where the homepage is, you may still be seeing the Dashboard.

<figure class="aligncenter size-large"></figure>

By toggling on the feature in your WooCommerce Advanced settings tab > Features, in the side menu for Woo, the dashboard now is labeled homepage.

<figure class="aligncenter size-large"></figure>

The homepage now looks like this.

<figure class="aligncenter size-large"></figure>

This new layout gives you three important elements that you likely want quick access to.

Inbox Messages

This is a collection of messages has been moved to a more prominent space that includes your subscription management, activity of extensions, store achievements and various content from WooCommerce core. There may be some contextual messages you prefer to hide which can be done in the advanced settings for the marketplace suggestions. Those are found in the left column.

<figure class="aligncenter size-full">inbox messages</figure>

Stats Overview

You will still find an overview on your WordPress dashboard, but a simpler overview at-a-glance is conveniently located here. Of course you can toggle any stats on or off.

<figure class="aligncenter size-full">stats overview</figure>

Store Management

This is pretty slick as it gives you shortcuts to some of the most used settings. If you have been using WooCommerce for awhile, you may not initially find this useful or simple, just hard to get use to. But trust me, once you do, this is going to save time on your workflow.

<figure class="aligncenter size-full">store management</figure>

Some Block Improvements

Included in this release is a new status for orders called draft. And the HTML editing has been removed from several of the blocks to prevent someone going in there and messing things up. Although I know many who say everyone who has a site should know HTML, the reality is that they don’t and in the wrong hands, well, need I say more?

All of the Product Grid type of blocks will default to 3 rows vs. the single row following the update of columns going the same route. you can see the example in the Best Selling Products block.

<figure class="wp-block-image size-large"></figure>

You will also find more filtering options for the Filter Products by Attribute block.

<figure class="aligncenter size-large"></figure>

There has also been improvements in the handling of taxes for the Filter Products by Price Block and some style and CSS tweaks as well.

Lastly, these are the improvements that come with 4.3 around the WooCommerce core.

  • improved concurrency handling for stock level management
  • added a new Verify database tool to rebuild the database schema
  • fixed CSV import and export tool bugs
  • improved template caching in container environments
  • fixed erroneous behavior of add-to-cart links

You can visit their official post to learn more about other added improvements including new hooks and functions here.









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A Look at WooCommerce 4.3

A Look at WooCommerce 4.3