A Message From Rachel

A Message From Rachel

Update: 2021-04-239


Hi all > please listen for a direct message from Rachel Hollis.

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Patty Fisher

I feel your heart Rachel. Keep doing the work

May 7th


as a person who has always been with you , and had total trust on you , I should acknowledge that I'm not sure if I can trust you again or not , believe you again or not . I'm hurt , I've been crying during the audio playing .... yes you are right we shouldn't think someone knows all the answers ... but what I'm sure about is that you do have to unpack sth inside you by going to therapist ... I encourage you to do this ... and of course it has a lesson to teach us all ...

May 2nd


I knew this one was a bad egg before I even finished her first book it was AWFUL and just drowning in privilege. She was so popular and I thought I was crazy but....stick with your guts yall

Apr 30th


As a human being it was cruel and thoughtless. It was undermining to all humans. Quite honestly, I hope that you seek psychological help & consider undoing your company that’s not built on compassion, rather built on greed. Greed isn’t good, you showed people who you really are repeatedly, people seem to be blinded by the fauxness that’s been portrayed. And maybe people aren’t in need of the help that you people seem to tell people they need. Showing vs telling. Being and doing. Cancel the woman’s conference. Integrity isn’t part of your narratives and Beans appears to be a person you are using to gain leverage. As I said at the beginning, remove yourself completely from the narrative and dismantle the Hollis Company, quit being a coward. Get psychological help. I pray for you in the long run, I certainly lost faith in you the moment you started to unravel when you became showy of materialism, because that’s clearly who you are. Don’t just say it, do it.

Apr 23rd
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Rachel Yarzabal

I hope you are doing ok. I honestly didnt see the issue in the original video, perhaps thats a sign I need to check my privilege also. As you said we are never done learning and I really enjoy you as a teacher, do what you have to do but also keep being you. xo

Apr 23rd








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A Message From Rachel

A Message From Rachel

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