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A Millennial's Take on Mental Health

A Millennial's Take on Mental Health

Update: 2022-05-06


For many of us over 40, we didn’t grow up making mental health a priority, am I right? 

 But those days are over. 

No one should have to white knuckle their way through life. We all deserve to feel healthy and free of the stigma and shame we used to feel when turning to mental health resources. 

May is Mental Health Awareness month and The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide is committed to sharing resources, tips and tools to help us all live with joy and peace. 

If you haven't heard of Anna Przybylski, oh you will! Anna is the brave and totally hilarious millennial taking TikTok and Instagram by storm with her fresh, honest approach to mental health.  Anna's  not-so-serious tone and approach allows us all to laugh a little at the pressures we all feel.

In this episode, Anna and I talk mental health and wellness, the difference in perspective we see when it comes to Gen X and millennials, and how we can begin to shed ourselves of judgement, expectations and start to heal from some of the programming we've experienced in our lives. 

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A Millennial's Take on Mental Health

A Millennial's Take on Mental Health

Jackie MacDougall and Anna Przybylski