A Morning Game Changer

A Morning Game Changer

Update: 2019-01-14


What do you do when you arise in the morning? What time do you start your day? Do you find the beginning or your day energizing and positive or hurried and negative? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

Years ago I made a decision that influenced me to really begin looking at my routine, my habits and my vision from a different perspective. I was no longer “just interested” in going to the next level, I was committed. This mind shift is the foundation for drastic change.

At that point, I began a “Morning Power Hour” which altered my state of mind and infused me with a sort of “super power” which was the foundation to multiplying my business by 200% in only about 6 months! 

My Morning  POWER HOUR!

Building a brand-new routine takes discipline, commitment and perseverance. 

When I first developed the morning portion of my success routine, I determined to awaken 1.5 hours earlier each day (4:30 am) and create a sort of “power hour” filled with exercise, prayer, affirmations and insightful podcasts. The mental exercise prepared me to start my day with an outstanding mind set. While the physical exercise empowered both brain and body to become more alert, creative and clear. Within only a few weeks, I noticed more energy to tackle the day as well as relief from brain fatigue and brain fog.

Both physical and biological evidence proves that physical exercise triggers the pituitary gland which then floods our bodies and our brains with endorphins. This produces a sort of “energized mental high.” 

In fact, studies have found that a good dose of endorphins can be 200 times more powerful than morphine. (covered in greater detail in later chapters)

However, in the beginning, it was not easy at all. For the first month, I stood sleepy-eyed in the bathroom arguing with myself and wanting to go back to bed. Sometimes, I even succumbed to the temptation, convincing myself that sleep was more important. 

But after approximately 3-4 weeks of persistence, I began to really notice the difference and my “why” (vision) became bigger and bigger. The combination of my “why’ (vision)and the new habit that was now forming helped me to stay determined to stick with it despite how I was feeling on any particular morning. 

As a result of this “power hour,” I grew my business 200% in only 6 months! Today, years later, I still keep this incredibly valuable routine M-F every week and I love it!

Never give up, the payoff is worth it!

Excerpts and insights* from Chapter 2 of "Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine: A Guide to Creating a Success Routine"
Book Contains:

  • 7 Actual Case Studies
  • 8 Downloadable Tools
  • Assessment Questions at the End of Each Chapter
  • The Brain Science Behind Habits
  • Retraining Your Brain Through Cognitive Restructuring
  • Heart Science, Energy and the Law of Attraction
  • Powerful Principles of Influence and Greatness
  • Tips and Tools to Build Your Success Routine

*Certain portions have been added to actual book excerpts by the author.
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A Morning Game Changer

A Morning Game Changer

Michelle L Steffes, Author / Speaker / Trainer / Coach