A New Type of Supernovae

A New Type of Supernovae

Update: 2020-09-281


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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 101

*A new type of supernovae

A new study suggests that an unusual fast-spinning highly magnetic type of exploding star in the early universe may be responsible for creating some of the heaviest naturally occurring elements on the periodic table.

*New data shows Saturnian ice moon Enceladus resurfacing its frozen crust

New data suggests the northern hemisphere of Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus has recently been resurfaced with material from the frozen world’s interior.

*China’s toxic space program

The dangers of China’s decision to continue using highly toxic hydrazine fuel have been highlighted again with the first stage of a Long March 4B rocket crashing back to Earth next to a local school and blanketing the area in a poisonous orange cloud.

*The Science Report

California’s wildfires increasing in severity by about ten percent per decade since 1984.

Growing concerns over early-phase clinical-trial data for Russia’s coronavirus vaccine.

A new study finds that diagnostic errors occur in up to one in seven clinical encounters.

New evidence confirms Google restricts the news feed it gives you.

Creationism takes up cancel culture against Darwin

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A New Type of Supernovae

A New Type of Supernovae