A Prophet of God - Episode 4

A Prophet of God - Episode 4

Update: 2020-03-06


This episode is on the role and the duties of this blessing plus a little background and explanation as to how it all happened. Spoke on the walks with God and how He put me in motion.

A prophet is an individual who is regarded as being in contact with a divine being and said to speak on behalf of them, serving as an intermediary with humanity while delivering God's messages and teachings to other people.

He took me in at my worst, taught me to stand upright, He showed me how it all works and then blessed me beyond measure. The position didn't come with instruction but He instilled His Word upon my heart and He guides my steps daily. He said, Grab hold and don't let go.

I wouldn't have thought my life would lead to such an extraordinary gift, God being who He is has a plan for life. He chose me to become this person and began instructing me on how to stand upright and walk with Him.

Within this podcast you hear of miracles and signs that all add up and point up to God, The Holy Trinity. There was a process of becoming the person I AM. God's Holy Spirit entered me and together with The Lord and our Lord's Lord, we've been delivering the incredible message.

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A Prophet of God - Episode 4

A Prophet of God - Episode 4

James Martinez