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62. A Real Egg Hobbyist

62. A Real Egg Hobbyist

Update: 2020-12-28


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  • Mark plugs Ravening Iron

  • Shirley plugs a silicone reusable popcorn maker


  • The trend of positive media (Great British Baking Show, etc.)

  • What is your favorite magic paradigm? Related: Space Wizards: What happened??

  • Transitioning from being able to cook a dish to being able to cook a meal

  • Larry asks "Yearbooks. Do you still have them? Have you ever actually used one? Is it full of signatures and stuff like that?"

  • "Dude, maybe Jim can give us parenting advice" is what I just said out loud, what do you think of that, Jim?


  • Whether Ravening Iron slaps.

  • The life-changing silicone popcorn maker.

  • A cup that says "tea" on it that's filled with bourbon.

  • Dirty Harry except he's shooting the mishandling of evidence in the face.

  • Dirty Harry except instead of shooting perps in the face he takes a bath.

  • Watching Joker (2019) and thinking "finally, the IPs of my youth are real art now"

  • A slow motion replay of a lady forgetting to put ice cream back in the fridge.

  • Choosing the biggest burliest man you can find who is moved to tears at the drop of a hat to judge your reality show.

  • Being moved to tears because a jug is unexpectedly light.

  • A manual of non-toxic masculinity.

  • Men Feeling Feelings.

  • Collecting magic paradigms.

  • Staying up all night studying your book of magic and then the next day you can cast one (1) fireball.

  • Studying magic for years and then having spells in your head that you never cast.

  • All the spells in a wizard's head going off at once when the wizard dies, like that fireworks show in San Diego.

  • Accidentally learning the spell that will unmake reality.

  • Learning the magic words and swizzling a wand.

  • Teaching children that magic is an inherent ability that you either have or don't have.

  • Why there are so few space wizards.

  • Waking up in the middle of a night with a great story idea and in the morning you realize it's Star Wars.

  • Doctor Who explaining the science behind space vampires.

  • What if Marty McFly's photo of his brother was an actual person and his body parts started to vanish.

  • Battle mages carrying around notepads and calligraphy pens and battling by writing notes at each other.

  • Magical inscriptions all over your body rendering you invulnerable to physical harm everywhere except your face because your retail job doesn't allow face tattoos.

  • Recognizing Rise of the Skywalker as bad but still basically enjoying it because you just don't care that much any more.

  • The plot of a long running movie franchise suddenly hinging on the protagonist needing to find a bathroom when they've never been depicted as pooping even once.

  • Growing out of hating art.

  • Loving this topic.

  • Breakfast being easier to cook than other meals because it's okay to just make one dish and call it breakfast.

  • Breakfast being easier to cook than other meals because it uses a smaller set of potential ingredients.

  • Learning to look at a set of available ingredients and plan a meal out of them.

  • Learning how to cook to learn about process and flexibility.

  • Following a recipe but ultimately having to make the decision yourself that the food you're making is ready to be taken off the heat and served.

  • Skimming a recipe to get the gist and then just being able to make the thing because you know how food works.

  • The canonical flavor pairings of breakfast.

  • Figuring out your flavor profile and then your main protein and working outwards to the sides.

  • Learning to make scrambled eggs and realizing now you can just have scrambled eggs any time.

  • A Real Egg Hobbyist

  • Leaving behind audio logs for future civilizations.

  • A paint pigment made out of mummies, and more generally how every pigment is made from some different weird thing.

  • Every ingredient in your kitchen coming from a different weird and often horrifying animal or plant process.

  • Humans possibly developing larger brains because we invented cooking.

  • Raw food enthusiasts just enjoying digesting harder than the rest of us.

  • Measuring the calories in a food by making the food explode.

  • The millennia-long development of corn as a staple crop.

  • Posing with a crazy hat because your yearbook editors didn't have enough photos of Crazy Hat Day.

  • Falsifying the historical record.

  • Seeing a yearbook on a friend's bookshelf and offering to sign it.

  • Paying extra to get your high school yearbook pre-signed.

  • Seeing your parent's yearbook and realizing for the first time that they had hobbies once.

  • A nice kid who is always doing their best.

  • Seeing your high school teacher in street clothes at the grocery store and realizing that he is just a few years older than you.

  • How a task seems impossible until you have a strong enough incentive to do it.

  • The switch that flips in your brain once you have a kid where it becomes unthinkable to not have a kid or want to have a kid.

  • Childbirth lawyers.

  • Having an extra plug.

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62. A Real Egg Hobbyist

62. A Real Egg Hobbyist

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