DiscoverThe Retirement Wisdom PodcastA Second Act – as a Podcaster
A Second Act – as a Podcaster

A Second Act – as a Podcaster

Update: 2021-12-16



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What will your encore career be? Today we’re comparing notes with a fellow podcaster on what he’s learned about retirement after interviewing over 40 guests who are reinventing retirement. Our guest is Carl Landau, whose encore is podcasting. Carl has 30+ years of experience as a niche magazine publisher, entrepreneur, event organizer, and in his current encore career, he’s launched a new venture, Pickleball Media.

We discuss:

  • Carl’s career story

  • What his transition to retirement has been like, so far

  • What’s surprised him the most about this chapter of his life

  • What he’s learned so far

  • The key ingredients of a rewarding successful second act

  • The misconceptions he thinks people have about this phase of life

  • How this phase of life can be meaningful – and fun

Carl Landau of Pickleball Media joins us from Sacramento, California.


Wise Quotes

On Retiring Earlier – If You Can

“I give this advice all the time, retire earlier – if you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. If you can afford it, stop, sell it or quit, or whatever. I wish I had done that four or five years earlier. So, you don’t know that until you’ve stopped doing it. And the other thing that really surprised me is [the value] of starting something new.”

On Reinventing Yourself

“I think younger people are really looking at this unretirement movement and what they’re going to do next way more seriously than we did. And I think it’s great. I really do. I think if you are 50 years old, you should really be considering what you think you want to do next. And maybe you could phase part of it in. Why not start incorporating some of this stuff when you’re younger?  I think your life would be a lot more fulfilling, rather than just throwing everything you have at this massive job. I think people are less and less interested in that these days. And people who are already in retirement, I hope that you really are open-minded about trying new things… Figure out if this is something you really like and put your efforts into it.”


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A Second Act – as a Podcaster

A Second Act – as a Podcaster

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