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A Second Look | 7

A Second Look | 7

Update: 2019-07-2299


Mississippi Bureau of Investigation’s assumes responsibility of Christian’s case. The result of MBIs investigation is suicide. Dennis breaks down the MBI report. Rae shares their experience of working with MBI, which consists of lost evidence, a report based on theories, and false claims. Dennis also talks with Lt. Colonel Gale Mills who had an in with MBI and gets her take on their investigation.

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Comments (26)

Dan Daniel

I'm sorry but after those text messages from Christian this story just isnt that big a mystery anymore

Nov 1st
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Maureen Hubbell

Who ever was wearing that shirt Todd found behind toilet..that is who shot Christian!

Aug 12th
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Terry Badolato

what is the name of the song at the intro and who plays it?

Jul 29th
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Jul 28th
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The Talmadge

Bingo! I mean, it’s a no brainer. I refuse to believe that the detectives are that stupid or inept. So, with that being said, there is something bigger at play here obviously. Some of the higher ups are involved/invested in this case. There needs to be a top to bottom in depth investigation into law enforcement from an OUTSIDE agency. I doubt this case will ever produce indictments or a trial so at least the corruption can be exposed. Those responsible should be charged accordingly. Period.

Jul 24th
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Apple Betty

There is so much shoddy detective work and corruption within those two agencies, it makes my head spin. It seems like it has turned into a political issue which is crap. Why do we even call it a "justice" system when all it really is a political agenda for the DA and other players higher up in the department. So many unanswered questions. Yeah, Christian's texts sounded suicidal, but there is so much more to this case. Why did his gf have all if his personal information written down on a piece of paper? What about the bloody knife, and t-shirt?? Something isn't right and there is more to be told.

Jul 24th
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ejw o331

ok I'm convinced he killed himself. sad.

Jul 22nd
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A Second Look | 7

A Second Look | 7

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