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A Short Stack of Honchos!

A Short Stack of Honchos!

Update: 2022-06-05


Hosted by Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

The Honchos kicked off the summer schedule today with the first breakfast show of 2022. Your Breakfast Honchos served up a short stack of the usual hilarity and hi-jinks starting with some summer entertainment chatter. The Honchos chatted about Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, the new Top Gun Maverick movie, and the new episodes of Stranger Things and Obi-Wan. After paying tribute to the late Ray Liotta, it was time for the always exciting Who Wore It Best? Segment. This is episode 60, so the Honchos paid tribute to another famous 60, former Cleveland Browns quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Otto Graham. The Honchos finished the opening segment with another batch of headlines that included museum creepiness, death by septic tank, toilet paper usage by country, and a high-spirited debate on dog waste disposal. Yummy!

The NCAA segment this morning was a referendum on NIL rights and the transfer portal by way of the continuing family feud between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban.

The NHL/NBA/MLB was dominated with playoff talk again. The NHL is down to its final four and the NBA Finals are here. What a time to be a sports (and a Honchos) fan. The Honchos broke it all down as only they can. Before leaving the segment the Honchos tipped their caps to MLB, whose season is now rounding into shape as the calendar turns to June. New York has the best teams in both leagues, Joe Girardi is looking for a new job, and Tim Anderson and his White Sox teammates have overreacted to comments by the Yankees’ Josh Donaldson.

No breakfast is complete without a nice slice of coffee cake, and nothing is sweeter than the coffee cake that is the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner was Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys.

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A Short Stack of Honchos!

A Short Stack of Honchos!

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