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A Snapshot in Time with Kristy Wolfe

A Snapshot in Time with Kristy Wolfe

Update: 2021-02-04


When Kristy Wolfe’s son was born 8 weeks early, she spent 54 days in the NICU with camera in hand. Her intention was to document the journey for herself, her family, and her loved ones. When she offered to take pictures for some of the other patients, hospital regulations led her to seek other avenues to help those who wanted their medical experiences captured. The result was a foray into the world of professional photography and she has been telling stories through her enthralling photos ever since.

As an educator and public speaker based in Canmore, Alberta, Kristy’s passion for helping others tell their stories of strength, love, hope and resilience gives families confirmation that they are not alone.

One of her biggest passions is helping caregivers see themselves in the story through her captivating photography. In doing so, she is creating a space for people to share their struggles, providing a means to support one another, and generating a medium for healing.

In this episode:
1. It wasn’t about the photography (Intro).
2. How helping others assisted in her own healing experience (4:00 ).
3. Reframing the hospital experience (6:03 ).
4. The journey for medical siblings (8:20 ).
5. Opportunities for photographic collaboration (10:38 ).
6. The Wolfe Pack Warriors (13:44 ).
7. Honouring the grieving process and the Front Steps Project (16:05 ).
8. Students, teachers, and parenting during COVID-times (25:32 ).
9. What’s next for Kristy Wolfe? (33:43 ).
10. A special project for a post-COVID world (40:20 ).

Connect with Kristy
Kristy offers storytelling photography sessions for families and companies, as well as pay it forward
sessions that can be gifted to medical, special needs, or palliative families. To explore Kristy’s
photography on Instagram, visit or connect with her on
Linkedin at:

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A Snapshot in Time with Kristy Wolfe

A Snapshot in Time with Kristy Wolfe

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