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A Triumphant Return With HE IS LEGEND

A Triumphant Return With HE IS LEGEND

Update: 2023-03-21


Interview by Kris Peters
The demise of festivals such as Soundwave not only robbed music lovers of opportunities to witness large scale international festivals, but it also created a reduced capacity for touring this side of the world for many bands who based Australian tours around such events.
One of those bands that suffered through lack of opportunity is American rock outfit He Is Legend who have not managed to make it back to our shores since their appearance at Soundwave 2015.
Recognising this prolonged absence, He Is Legend have finally made good on their promise to return and will travel to the land Down Under this May for a run of shows with Gold Coast noise masters Hammers.
Lead vocalist Schuylar Croom and drummer Jesse Shelley sat down for a chat with HEAVY to outline their plans.
"We're coming and playing songs off the last twenty years," Shelley began. "We're trying to cover our whole discography and give everybody a show they'll be really stoked to see. We don't get down there often, and obviously we're promoting a new record and we're excited about that and we're gonna be delivering that, but we're just coming down to try and give any He Is Legend fan that has been waiting for us to get there the show they want."
Eight years is a long time in music so we question the boys as to what has changed with the band since their last visit.
"We've put out three albums or more," Croom smiled. "Lots has changed. The world ended, then it came back and we put out an album and now we're able to leave our houses again so we're gonna come to Australia!"
In the full interview, the boys talk more about their live show and what to expect, having Hammers as support and why they were chosen, the disparity in the band's sound and where it comes from, the early days of He Is Legend, finding success and touring at a young age, how their sound has changed over the years and more.








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A Triumphant Return With HE IS LEGEND

A Triumphant Return With HE IS LEGEND

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