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A Weekend of Pain and Protest

A Weekend of Pain and Protest

Update: 2020-06-0180


This episode contains strong language.

Demonstrations have erupted in at least 140 cities across the United States in the days since George Floyd, a black man, died in police custody in Minneapolis. We were on the ground in some of them, chronicling 72 hours of pain and protest. Guests: Nikole Hannah-Jones, who writes for The New York Times Magazine; John Eligon, a national correspondent who covers race for The Times; and Mike Baker, a Pacific Northwest correspondent. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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Junk Mail

This is a very heart wrenching episode. My heart sank further and further as the episode went on. it was upsetting to listen to but I really needed to listen to it. Thank You.

Jun 3rd

Alex Mercedes

wow! excellent episode. I unsubscribed from The Daily months ago and only accidentally heard this. great job highlighting the nuances of a situation that's being described by many news sources in a cliched, one-dimensional way. what you've captured here is the complex and much more frightening truth about this week's crisis. time to subscribe again.

Jun 3rd

N Me

who cares where people are coming from? it's horrible to watch a city burn, lines of para military police firing tear gas, rubber bullets etc. at our citizens..but ya know whats worse ? watching cops murder without any fear of consequence..let it burn 🔥

Jun 1st
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Chase Pipes

how can I find the video of the two protesters from Different generations debating ? please help

Jun 1st
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A Weekend of Pain and Protest

A Weekend of Pain and Protest