A Wink from Heaven with Deeanna

A Wink from Heaven with Deeanna

Update: 2024-04-14


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Have you ever considered how the tender mercies of the Lord manifest in your life story? Join us as Deanna, a childhood friend and a woman of profound faith, shares her remarkable journey. From the quaint corners of rural Utah to the bustling streets of Cairo, Deanna's experiences illuminate the influence of Jesus Christ in shaping our personal narratives. Together we explore Elder David A. Bednar's interpretation of these divine interventions, echoing through Deanna's memories and her ability to recognize the Lord's hand in every chapter of her life.

A message, a gesture, a coincidence—could these be subtle communications from beyond the veil? In heartfelt stories, we unveil the significance of family, legacy, and love interwoven with faith. The episode is enriched by Deeanna’s personal reflections on her Uncle Lee's compassion in times of need and how a simple text message became a beacon of hope for her aunt. These stories are our testimonies to the 'winks from heaven' that strengthen our belief in the afterlife and the omnipresent support of our cherished ones.

Closing on a note of inspiration, we recount the tale of a new mother whose trial turned into a triumph through the unexpected embrace of her church community. This episode isn't just about recognizing the Lord's tender mercies; it's also about the triumphs of faith, hope, and the power of community in adversity. Discover how the Atonement guides our spiritual journey, how scriptures provide solace, and how every day is an opportunity to witness the Savior's enduring love. Come, be part of 'team Jesus' and find strength in the unity of our shared faith.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in sharing your story! I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

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A Wink from Heaven with Deeanna

A Wink from Heaven with Deeanna