DiscoverTEA The Entrepreneurial ArtistA chat with Desma Kas, Painter; Oils and Mixed Media
A chat with Desma Kas, Painter; Oils and Mixed Media

A chat with Desma Kas, Painter; Oils and Mixed Media

Update: 2021-02-24


"Desma Kas makes art in response to the world around her.  She still considers herself an emerging artist. In 2009 she graduated from the Adelaide College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Art & Design.
It’s all about texture and expressing the emotion behind the painting at the time. Desma paints in oils and mixed media.  Street scenes, flowers, Australian landscapes, abstracts and poured paint are themes she explores.  ‘There has to be movement’ and balance of colour.
During her studies she enjoyed the work of Matisse, Francis Bacon and Clarice Beckett, and many other artists of course, too many to mention here."

We didn't get to finish our conversation about her work and passion to help Tutti Arts an amazing organisation  "Tutti Arts works across many art forms to promote the professional development of artists with a learning or intellectual disability"
Here's the website to find out more

Social Media for links for  Desma Kas

For Poured Paint techniques I would recommend go to youtube, there are many different techniques and we look forward to seeing Desma's artwork using this technique.

We discuss
- Benefits of Art School/Study
- Inspirations from travel and search of identity
- Art Competitions that lead to sales
- Online Galleries and selling online;  the benefits

Desmas has her art exhibited and for sale on this online Gallery

Goldfire Gallery

"Goldfire Gallery is an Australian business, based in South Australia, that was first founded in July 2020 by Tracey Malliaros; a lifetime Artist with long-term experience in Community Development.

 Goldfire Gallery was initially developed in response to social restrictions that heavily impacted the ability to exhibit artworks however its purpose is so much broader - as well as providing a virtual gallery platform we have a focus on showcasing young, mature age and newly emerging Australian artists, supporting them to promote themselves to the rest of Australia with free portfolio membership.

 Goldfire Gallery prides themselves on their artists - their uniqueness and creative talents - and know that everyone who visits Goldfire Gallery will find a work of art that connects with them."

"A great website to visit to purchase art, learn about the artist and for Artists this is a great online gallery that you can sell your artwork through" Tania Ingerson

Contact Tracey to find out more

I would like to acknowledge that music played on my Podcast is an original tune by David Innocente, Jazz Musician/Artist

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A chat with Desma Kas, Painter; Oils and Mixed Media

A chat with Desma Kas, Painter; Oils and Mixed Media

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