DiscoverWhat Happens in the WoodsA life without care of repercussions Barbara Opel
A life without care of repercussions Barbara Opel

A life without care of repercussions Barbara Opel

Update: 2021-08-061


Does the phrase, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” sound familiar?

Usually, it's said jokingly to a person who is learning a lesson and realizing the consequences to their actions. But really, the saying is one of the truest and best pieces of advice you can give a person contemplating a wrong move.

Barbara Opel lived her life without care of the repercussions. And for a time, she was able to get away with it. That was until she expected too much and the conniving led to a bad choice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a choice that affected her. Barbara enlisted a group of young teens to help her in the final plan that went so wrong. The plan to murder her employer, retiree Jerry Heimann, in his own home. All for the chance at getting the $40,000 in his bank account.

Maybe if someone had reminded the teenage criminals in our case of that saying, they may have ended up on a better path than the one they had. They certainly weren’t shown that example by the adult who masterminded the murder of a kind and generous man.

Join us this episode as we discuss the sad case of Jerry Heimann’s death; as well these young criminals and how they were charged within the criminal system. While the case is worth talking about, the subject of minors being charged as adults is a great topic that may have you thinking twice about your thoughts and viewpoints on it.

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A life without care of repercussions Barbara Opel

A life without care of repercussions Barbara Opel

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