DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieA quickie crash course in sales psychology. EP #220 - Den Lennie
A quickie crash course in sales psychology. EP #220 - Den Lennie

A quickie crash course in sales psychology. EP #220 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-09-22


Today... Den delivers a no-nonsense, no B.S. message to video freelancers who are passionate about their work and their creativity, namely, how it can be a real trap when pitching your service to prospective clients.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The sordid truth about "creativity" most video freelancers don't want to hear. - 1:00
  • A monkey-simple sales principle even experienced video production owners don't fully understand. (The #1 reason why prospective clients turn down a video freelancer's service is that this basic sales principle is being ignored by the video freelancer. Any sales pitch that breaks this cardinal sin of sales doesn't stand a chance. - 2:45 )
  • How NOT to pitch your video production service to a large organization. (Most video production owners who sell to large companies talk about how much money the organization can make from their work, but... believe it or not, this is the worst way to pitch your service. Here' what they really want... - 4:00 )
  • Seth Godin's eye-opening "hierarchy of Business needs" lesson. When selling your video service to someone who's a company representative and not the owner, making a profit is almost at the bottom of their list of needs. (Find out what's at the top of their needs list at 4:10   - Powerful information.)
  • 3 juicy sales tips for video freelancers. - 4:50
  • 5 secret desires almost all corporate employees have when hiring a video production company. (They won't come out and say any of these secret desires, but you can be sure they'll be testing you to see if your video service can meet them. Hint: making a profit is not one of them. - 5:00 )
  • The tale of Beth and Bill. (This little fictitious story contains one of the single most important sales principles you can ever learn. - 8:30 )
  • Are you approaching sales with a one-pitch-fits-all? If so, you'll want to tune in at 8:00
  • A quickie crash course in sales psychology. (This is high-level sales psychology delivered in a video freelancer-friendly way. - 14:00 )
  • What NEVER to do when a client balks at your service fees. And, what you should do instead. - 14:50
  • A shockingly good (and very clever) question to ask a prospective client when pitching your video service. (The benefit of asking this question is twofold: (1) your prospect will feel respected, and (2) by virtue of asking this question you'll know exactly how to sell them! Yep, told you it was clever.
  • CAUTION Videographers: Beware of technology creep. - 22:30
  • Are you a highly creative video freelancer who takes pride in your artistic productions but feels creatively stifled? (Like, for example, when you’re doing dull work such as shooting an interview in a dreary boardroom? Well, here's how you can have your cake and it, too. - 23:40 )

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A quickie crash course in sales psychology. EP #220 - Den Lennie

A quickie crash course in sales psychology. EP #220 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie