DiscoverThe Active Duty Passive Income PodcastADPI_173: How To Underwrite Deals With Chris Levarek
ADPI_173: How To Underwrite Deals With Chris Levarek

ADPI_173: How To Underwrite Deals With Chris Levarek

Update: 2020-12-21


In this week's episode, Mike & Kevin talk with Air force Veteran and co-founder of Valkere Investment Group, Christopher Levarek. Christopher explains the importance of understanding the basics of real estate investment underwriting to be able to make the best financial decisions. Listen up for an informative, motivating episode that will get you ready to move forward with your next deal!

"That’s the great thing about real estate…you don’t need to be a math whiz, you just need to understand a few key objects, a few key terms, and a few key numbers-- then you can really make the magic happen."

-Christopher Levarek

Here are 5 Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Analyzing Potential Properties
  • How to Invest for Cash Flow
  • Explaining the “1% rule”
  • What is Forced Appreciation?
  • Chris's Value-Add Renovations

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ADPI_173: How To Underwrite Deals With Chris Levarek

ADPI_173: How To Underwrite Deals With Chris Levarek

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