DiscoverAustralian HikerAH Episode 216-Canberra Summits Walk
AH Episode 216-Canberra Summits Walk

AH Episode 216-Canberra Summits Walk

Update: 2022-04-19


It's Easter 2022 and I was supposed to be finishing off the remaining section of the Hume and Hovell Track but things didn't go to plan. I discovered too late that a large number of Australians were travelling after three interrupted years due to bushfires and COVID and as such many of the campsites that I needed to use were booked out so a change of plan was required. Typically I like to do hikes that are a bit more secluded or at least not so crowded so I opted to swap my planned hike with a long distance urban hike that I had originally intended on doing in May.

This hike falls into two categories. Firstly, this is an urban hike taking in my hometown city of Canberra. Secondly this hike is very much a Choose your Own Adventure rather than a formal trail. While I have been thinking about this walk for around 12 years for a number of reasons, I’ve never got around to it. After a prompt by another Canberra based hiker who undertook a similar journey and the desire to do something just that little bit different this was the year and after a couple of months planning I decided to put to together a 3 day, 82km peak bagging trip taking in the key mountains and hills in the central Canberra region averaging around 27km each day. I ended up developing a route that hit 12 peaks, that could be connected in a logical sequence, and wasn't camping based. In this podcast episode we bring you a series of recordings from our three-day adventure and towards the end of the episode discuss logistical considerations as well as what we learnt on the way. To get the best from this walk follow along with the written article at here


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AH Episode 216-Canberra Summits Walk

AH Episode 216-Canberra Summits Walk

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