DiscoverAbsolute Packer PodcastAPP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy
APP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy

APP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy

Update: 2020-11-16


A troubling trend seems to have emerged with this Packers team - a lack of energy and enthusiasm at home games.  The Packers were 13.5 point favorites coming into this game but they barely squeaked out a win at home against a bad team that traveled from a warm weather climate nonetheless.  The Packers lost two weeks ago at home to a division rival (Vikings) in similar fashion - lack of energy on all sides of the ball.


    • The Packers had scored on every opening possession of every game this year, but promptly went 3 and out to start this game - this was a sign of things to come.

    • The Jags actually took the lead 3-0 early in this game...Rodgers then hit a bomb for a TD to MVS to get the Packers on the board.

    • MVS had a really nice game - he was one of only a few bright spots in the game.

    • Rodgers and the offense looked incredibly bland and low energy for basically the entire game - it really made no sense.

      • He threw a terrible INT on a crossing route to MVS that practically looked telegraphed

    • Davante Adams had one of his worst games since his miserable 2nd season - multiple drops and a bad fumble that was recovered by the Jags.

      • He did have a great TD catch late in the game where he had to high point a ball in the end zone which he did.

    • The game was basically a back and forth seesaw for most of the day - the packers offense never got going and just looked listless.


    • Both of the Packers starting CBs were out with injuries in this game and by and large the back-ups performed ok.

    • Jacksonville had a rookie QB making his 2nd career start, he was very inconsistent and missed a fair amount of wide open receivers.  Had a competent QB been playing against the packers they might have blown us out.

    • This defense still cannot stop the run with any sort of consistency - it's hard to watch.  Kenny Clark has been hurt for basically half this year, but all in all he has been underwhelming.

    • Preston Smith has his own energy problem - that guys seems to be loafing more and more lately.  He gets taken out of way too many plays too easily.

      • P Smith did make a couple plays late, but they have been few and far between this year.

    • Adrian Amos had an easy gift interception, but given how rare turnovers have been for this defense they will take anything they can get.


    • Special teams had a terrible game today...easily their worst game of the season.

    • JK Scott is maddeningly inconsistent when the weather gets cold, which is a problem since he plays for the Green Bay Packers.

    • Scott hit a low line drive on one punt that was easily returned for a touchdown - the returner caught it without anyone within 20 yards of him and then he made JK Scott look like Andy trying to tackle him.


    • Elliot 22-21 "Set the Tone" Packers

    • Andy "Rivers Might Shred Packers" 27-24 Packers

    • Jeremy "Game of Matchups - Bad Matchup For the Packers" 33-20 Colts









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APP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy

APP #70 - Lots of Lethargy, but no energy