DiscoverAbsolute Packer PodcastAPP #73 - The Eagles have landed, with a thud
APP #73 - The Eagles have landed, with a thud

APP #73 - The Eagles have landed, with a thud

Update: 2020-12-08


The game wasn't that close, until the defense gave up a TD on 4th & 16 late in the 4th quarter and then the special teams promptly allowed a punt return for a touchdown.  Carson Wentz started the game, but was awful and was benched for 2nd round draft pick QB Jalen Hurts in the 2nd half.


    • Aaron Rodgers himself looked really sharp in this game, as did the offense as a whole.  Davante had another TD

    • The offense started with a 3 and out to include a fumble (recovered) by Aaron Jones and then a blown block for a quick sack on Rodgers.

    • The Packers actually went for it on 4th and goal early in the 1st quarter and Rodgers threw a jump ball to Davante Adams for a TD.

      • I think it is safe to say that Davante Adams is probably the best WR in the league right now, he had 2 TDs in this game.

    • Aaron Rodgers hit another career milestone in this game, throwing his 400th career touchdown pass to just 88(!) interceptions.

    • MVS had a brutal drop on a deep ball...he has barely been targeted since fumbling in OT a couple weeks ago against the Colts.

    • ESB also had a brutal drop on a long 3rd down that should have been caught.

    • Aaron Jones sort of re-emerged in this game, breaking a bunch of tackles and breaking free for a 77 yard TD run late in the game to put it out of reach.

    • It bears repeating how well the Packers' offensive line has been playing, especially without their starting pro-bowl caliber center.


    • The opening drive against the eagles stunk, event though they held them to just a field goal.  The eagles chewed up like 10 minutes and ran 15 plays.

    • After the first drive the defense settled down, but that was mostly due to the horrific QB play by Carson Wentz.  He is awful...he has no pocket awareness whatsoever.

    • Wentz was so bad that he was benched in the 2nd half for 2nd round pick Jalen Hurts, who did ok.

    • In typical Packers fashion, they had the eagles in 4th & 18 against a rookie QB playing his first snaps and they gave up a long touchdown. Just so dumb.


    • Burn the tape


    • Andy 30-21 Packers

    • Jeremy 24-21 Packers

    • Elliot 34-19 Packers









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APP #73 - The Eagles have landed, with a thud

APP #73 - The Eagles have landed, with a thud