DiscoverIB MattersATL's Episode 6: Social Skills with John Harvey
ATL's Episode 6: Social Skills with John Harvey

ATL's Episode 6: Social Skills with John Harvey

Update: 2022-08-23


This episode is the sixth in a series of 8 podcasts we are doing on the IB Approaches to Learning Skills known as the ATL’s that are at the core of all four International Baccalaureate Programmes. This episode features teaching Social Skills.

My guest is John Harvey, an experienced IB coordinator who has led this work in multiple schools. It is our goal to give you a coherent, sustainable, values aligned strategy to implement ATL Skills in your school.

We are also offering an opportunity for interaction. Below, you will find a link to a Google form where you can ask questions. We will take a few minutes at the end of each episode to answer questions you have about the ATL’s in your context. 

John will continue to respond to your questions after these episodes are produced, so please feel free to pose your questions anytime.

In the podcast, John referred Belbin Team Roles model for developing social skills Here is a link to learn more.

I also mentioned I would list the nine Belbin Team Roles here in the podcast notes:

The Social roles:
Resource Investigator, Teamworker and Co-ordinator

The Thinking roles:
Plant, Monitor Evaluator and Specialist  

The Action or Task roles:
Shaper, Implementer and Completer Finisher

In the podcast John talked about ways to help students catch up on the skills they may have missed building during the pandemic. Here are a few links to learn more.

COVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learning | McKinsey

The pandemic has had devastating impacts on learning. What will it take to help students catch up?

The Economic Impacts of Learning Losses

Have ATL questions? Ask John using this form.

IB Matters Website

The IB Organization has resources on their webpages to support your learning about the ATL skills. Here is one link you may use to explore on your own.

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ATL's Episode 6: Social Skills with John Harvey

ATL's Episode 6: Social Skills with John Harvey

Jon Peterson / John Harvey