DiscoverIB MattersATL's Episode 7: Self-management Skills with John Harvey
ATL's Episode 7: Self-management Skills with John Harvey

ATL's Episode 7: Self-management Skills with John Harvey

Update: 2022-08-30


This episode is the seventh in a series of 8 podcasts we are doing on the IB Approaches to Learning Skills known as the ATL’s that are at the core of all four International Baccalaureate Programmes. It is our goal to give you a coherent, sustainable, values aligned strategy to implement ATL Skills in your school. This episode features teaching Self-management Skills.

In the podcast, John Harvey described how he moved some of the Self-management Skills around to optimize teaching 'States of Mind' in the different IB Programmes. Here is a link to his award winning spreadsheet so you can see how he did it: John Harvey's States of Mind Continuum Framework

We are also offering an opportunity for interaction. Below, you will find a link to a Google form where you can ask questions. We will take a few minutes at the end of each episode to answer questions you have about the ATL’s in your context. 

John will continue to respond to your questions after these episodes are produced, so please feel free to pose your questions anytime.

SMARTER Goals Link

POMODORO Technique


Excerpts from the Episode 2 and 3 podcast notes to connect with 'States of mind' and 'Reflection':

Here are the 11 models John suggested. Take a look and pick one or two (or more) that fit you and your school. Links to each model can be found in the Continuum Framework document.

  1. Locus of Control
  2. Pomodoro Technique
  3. Guided Meditation
  4. Dr. Rob Bell's 8 Ways to Build Perseverance
  5. Michelle Borba's 6 R's of Bullying Prevention
  6. Prof Steve Peters Control Your Inner Chimp
  7. 5 Levels of Self Talk
  8. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset
  10. SMARTER Goals
  11. Lance King’s Failing Well

Episode 3 - Thinking Skills
In the podcast, John described how he prefers the Gibb's Relective Cycle. You can learn more using this link.

John also mentioned the 'Thinking Skills Across the Continuum' document he has compiled. Here is a link to that document. Be sure to check out all the tabs in the spreadsheet to access Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Information transfer, and Reflection & Metacognition.

Have ATL questions? Ask John using this form.

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ATL's Episode 7: Self-management Skills with John Harvey

ATL's Episode 7: Self-management Skills with John Harvey

Jon Peterson / John Harvey