DiscoverBusy Being BlackAbdul-Aliy Muhammad – My Body Leads Me
Abdul-Aliy Muhammad – My Body Leads Me

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad – My Body Leads Me

Update: 2021-05-02


One of my favourite quotes is from Civil Rights icon Bayard Rustin, who said the proof that one truly believes is in action — and there are few who embody Bayard’s words as wholly and unapologetically as Abdul-Aliy Muhammad (they/them). 

An organiser and activist born and raised in West Philadelphia, Abdul-Aliy has grown into a firebrand. Whether standing up for queer Black and brown communities in the face of systemic violence, or holding leaders in politics and at not-for-profits to account, Abdul-Aliy’s work is loud, considered and high-impact. 

Today we discuss the on-going impact of the 1985 bombing of the MOVE headquarters in West Philadelphia, the moments they were radicalised, what they learned about how people view those living with HIV, after they went on a medication strike as part of their organising action — and learning to trust when their body tells them what to do in defence of what’s right.

About Abdul-Aliy Muhammad

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad is a "Magical Black Queer", organiser, activist, writer and poet based in Philadelphia. They are one of the co-founders of the Black and Brown Workers Co-operative, a labor organising cooperative fighting contemporary forms of subjugation and dehumanisation in workplaces, classrooms and communities by expanding democracy and agency.

About Busy Being Black

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Abdul-Aliy Muhammad – My Body Leads Me

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad – My Body Leads Me

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