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Abe Neihum: The Benevolent Photographer

Abe Neihum: The Benevolent Photographer

Update: 2018-02-06


Meet photographer Abe Neihum, a Libyan living in Ireland since 1996 whose story is incredibly fascinating.

He discovered his passion for photography during college and would have gone on to pursue it had the Arab Spring not arisen in his native Libya. Join us to hear how he is slowly finding his way back to photography.

Abe and his mother Fatima set up the Irish Libyan Emergency Aid to help Libyans caught in the revolution. The program would see the donation of over 9 million euros worth in medical supplies sent over to Libyan hospitals from Ireland and the acceptance of over 300 Libyan patients to be treated in Irish private hospitals. Following the program, Abe went on to serve as a diplomat in the Medical Attache Office in the Libya embassy in London. A post he held until 2016.

It was fascinating to learn more about Abe’s experiences and his family, and in particular to hear about his mother, a surgeon who went nearly overnight from working in a hospital in Drogheda and raising her four children to being called to serve as the Minister for Health in a very fragile Libya. She faced heavy criticism before, during and after her time in Tripoli while she had only one desire, to help her own country. This is a gene that runs in that family, where every generation inspires the next.

While Abe may appear as a cool customer, the things he has faced and been through would test the calm nature of anybody. Abe has remained a kind, generous, and fantastic man despite all of this.

Our conversation with Abe naturally veers towards subjects like the political history of Libya and its problematic past and present, the inspiration Abe’s mother has played on his life, the tumultuous journey of helping in the time of revolution where no one leaves unscathed, and the creative pursuit of that which is in the heart.

You can find Abe's portfolio

Presented by Emily O'Callaghan and Irina Dzhambazova.
Produced by Irina Dzhambazova.
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Abe Neihum: The Benevolent Photographer

Abe Neihum: The Benevolent Photographer

Emily O'Callaghan, Irina Dzhambazova