DiscoverFORward Radio program archivesAccess Hour | We All Drink Downstream! | Sept. 7, 2021
Access Hour | We All Drink Downstream! | Sept. 7, 2021

Access Hour | We All Drink Downstream! | Sept. 7, 2021

Update: 2021-09-08


Have you looked at Louisville from the Rubbertown point of view? On this week’s Access Hour, we bring you a special “We All Drink Downstream!” program organized by Extinction Rebellion Kentucky and Tackling the A-Z Impacts of Plastic on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 10:00 am out at Riverview Park in Greenwood, on the southern fringe of Rubbertown in the west end of Louisville. A coalition of local community groups, political leaders and science and health professionals hosted a community action and education day about the ongoing issues with toxic chemical pollution in our Ohio River. Advocates discussed the issue of PFAS and related “Forever Chemicals” in our water supply, the impacts of petrochemical development on the Ohio River which provides drinking water for millions, the failure of MSD to protect our waterways from sewage; and how we can advocate for our community health!

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Learn more about the Louisville Charter at

This event was part of a national week of coalition actions which are being shared with Biden administration representatives and the media, calling on the government to halt all permitting for new petrochemical facilities. It included water testing, a birds eye view and toxic tour map of the area’s petrochemical corporate ‘citizens’, speakers including Kentucky State Representative Attica Scott, food from Food Not Bombs, ways to plug in to find your place in the work of Pushing Back, and musical guests The Mighty Shades of Ebony.

Now is no time to be locking ourselves into decades of deepening dependence on fossil fuels and petrochemicals, which both damage our climate system and poison our air, water, soil and bodies. Nearly two decades ago the people of this neighborhood drafted The Louisville Charter, which continues to guide organizing work in frontline communities around the nation. The people speak time and again, and yet, our civilization continues to be built around compounds which poison us.

Original music in this podcast was recorded by local youth artists, The Mighty Shades of Ebony and Lionheart, in the Forward Radio studios for use at this special event. It is used with the artist’s permission.

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Access Hour | We All Drink Downstream! | Sept. 7, 2021

Access Hour | We All Drink Downstream! | Sept. 7, 2021

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