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Activating Alternative Timelines

Activating Alternative Timelines

Update: 2021-06-111


In this episode I explore some of the details of timeline activation. The process of activating a timeline involves infusing the timeline with energy, power, focus and intention.  


My book the reality revolution explores traveling through parallel realities and my AURA training takes it to the next level and shows how to activate an alternate universal reality.  


Do you want to activate an alternative timeline than the one you are in now?


This is more than just a mental activity. It involves the ability to direct energy outward from the center of Being.  


There are no idle thoughts.  


Everything you think about, fantasize, or visualize has some degree of reality.  


This means there is some energy on a possible timeline that reflects whatever you are thinking about.  


Do not be horrified at this idea. Most of what you imagine does not have enough energy and collaboration to change the dominant timeline. There was a popular exercise many years ago.  


When people had negative thoughts and caught themselves indulging in such, they would immediately say, “Cancel! Cancel!” This effectively negates many thoughts, although in order to be completely effective at blocking negative thoughts you must go deep into the subconscious.  


There is another common saying, “Be careful what you wish for. It just might happen.” This applies equally to positive and negative outcomes, of course. If there is something undesirable in your life and it is primarily due to your own creations, then it means you probably have negative thoughts buried in your subconscious mind that are creating the undesirable results.  


However, most thoughts that are producing results in your life have a lot of energy and intention on them, or they have been repeated hundreds of times over many years.


How do you activate an alternative timeline.  In this episode I discuss this process.


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Activating Alternative Timelines

Activating Alternative Timelines

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