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Adam Stern Joins the Show!

Adam Stern Joins the Show!

Update: 2018-10-26


This week Adam Stern, from Sports Business Daily, joins the show! Adam is the motorsports reporter for the company! Adam often has some of the best breaking news in all of motorsports, not just IndyCar, but all forms of racing worldwide. It was great having him on to not only discuss the off-season, but to understand how complex his job and the business side of motorsports can be. Highlights of what we discuss

  • IndyCars prospect of adding a third engine manufacturer

  • The potential for non-North American races added to the IndyCar calendar

  • The on-going search for a title sponsor to the series

  • Fernando Alonso (#FredWatch)

We discuss plenty more so make sure to listen to the entire episode!

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Next week we talk with IndyCar Senior Director of Competition, who also oversees the road-to-Indy, Jason Penix!

Coming soon: The show will begin streaming EVERY day on SCY Network Radio at 3pm. Check back to see when this goes live!

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Adam Stern Joins the Show!

Adam Stern Joins the Show!

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