DiscoverMy Perfect FailureAddiction To Recovery with Tom Dehnel
Addiction To Recovery with Tom Dehnel

Addiction To Recovery with Tom Dehnel

Update: 2020-05-22


MPF Discussion with Tom Dehnel

Addiction to Recovery with Tom Dehnel

About Tom

In his 20s, Tom went from being a smart young man with a promising career to a full-on heroin addict. His addiction started when he was prescribed opioid painkillers by his dentist, and slowly degraded to the point where he was broke, evicted from his apartment, and in trouble with the law. 

Today, Tom runs his own marketing consultancy in San Francisco. In this episode of My Perfect Failure, we will hear how Tom’s addiction started from his inability to deal with perceived failure, and how getting over that fear has helped him recover.  Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         Tom describes the moment his world changed, being prescribed opioid painkillers as a child

·         Tom discusses experimenting with Pot at 13

·         Tom reveals it took him 10 years to admit he had issues that he needed to resolve

·         We discuss Tom’s process of recovery and interventions

·         Tom discusses how acceptance played an important factor in his recovery 

·         Today Tom wants to support all addicts by making them aware that hope and recovery is accessible to them and they too can rebuild their lives


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 Brilliant Video by Tom: FAILING 100 TIMES (getting over your fear of failure)



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Addiction To Recovery with Tom Dehnel

Addiction To Recovery with Tom Dehnel

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