DiscoverMarketing Like a MotherAdding Mindfulness Practices To Your Already Full Day
Adding Mindfulness Practices To Your Already Full Day

Adding Mindfulness Practices To Your Already Full Day

Update: 2023-04-09


On the latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, host Michelle Pontvert talks with Erin McCarthy, Ph.D. Erin is a Unified Mindfulness Certified Coach and Trainer, IMTA Certified Mindfulness teacher, APPA Certified Philosophical Counsellor, award-winning professor, author, and mama of twin teens.

She is the Director of Humanities for the International Society for Contemplative Research and a Mind and Life Research Fellow. A long-time meditator, Erin came to teach mindfulness and self-compassion through her interest in and scholarship on Contemplative Education and Buddhist Philosophy. An educator for over two decades, she now works as a Mindfulness Coach and uses evidence-based techniques to work with women to help them live a life of flourishing.

With thousands of hours of training in a variety of mindfulness modalities, she knows first-hand the transformative power of mindfulness and self-compassion to help heal from stress, anxiety, and trauma, be it physical, emotional, or mental. In her classes and with her 1:1 coaching clients, she uses a trauma-informed approach to help people heal and become their most calm, confident, and capable selves.

Michelle and Erin talk about including simple mindfulness practices in our (busy) daily lives.

In the episode they cover:

  • How Erin transitioned from her tenured job as a university professor to entrepreneurship

  • What Mindfulness ACTUALLY is

  • How including Mindfulness practices into your day can help you manage stress and be more present

  • Exercises on noticing the good moments of life that can slip by

  • How these practices can also make running your business a lot easier

  • And more!


02:16 Conversation on Starting an Entrepreneurial Journey

03:59 Conversation Journey from Academia to Mindfulness Coaching

05:35 Reflection on Starting a Mindfulness Coaching Business

10:51 Conversation on Mindfulness and Parenting

17:27 Conversation on Practical Mindfulness for Working Moms

19:09 Conversation on Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy Moms

20:36 Building Mindfulness Skills Through Sensory Clarity Practice

24:45 Practicing Mindfulness and Acknowledging Positive Moments

26:14 Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness in Motherhood and Business

27:55 Conversation on Resourcing Yourself Throughout the Day

32:52 Practical Strategies for Managing Stress and Overwhelm as a Parent and Business Owner

36:05 Mindfulness and Stress Management

37:40 Exploring Mindfulness Practices for Moms

39:00 Mindfulness Practices for Busy Moms with Businesses

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Adding Mindfulness Practices To Your Already Full Day

Adding Mindfulness Practices To Your Already Full Day

Olivia Radcliffe & Michelle Pontvert