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Afflicting the Comfortable

Afflicting the Comfortable

Update: 2022-09-23


Prophets comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, and maybe that's what our prophets are doing -- afflicting us until we shift our expectations and attitudes. Attitude shifts are often uncomfortable for me, but that’s okay. A little discomfort never hurt me and, in fact, sometimes it helps me to grow. 

For Reflection: 

  • What about you? How do you respond to these readings? 

  • How do you respond to feeling uncomfortable? What are your expectations around feeling comfortable?

  • Have you ever had experiences with economically poor people? Or, have you had experiences of being poor yourself? What was that like?

  • For what are you most grateful? Let’s spend some time reflecting on what’s good in life right now, and maybe we could even share that with God.       

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At God Space,  you can come as you are. You belong here.

by Sister Leslie Keener, CDP

Sister Leslie Keener, CDP is the director of God Space, a community-building spirituality ministry in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She’s a Sister of Divine Providence with a Masters in Ministry and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and Retreats from Creighton University. She directs retreats, meets with people for spiritual direction, and serves as the vocation director for her community.

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Afflicting the Comfortable

Afflicting the Comfortable

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