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After the Storm S.25 Ep.01

After the Storm S.25 Ep.01

Update: 2020-01-08


Dateline never sleeps, but Kimberly and Katie had to take a mini winter hiatus to recharge for all the murders, almost murders, crimes of passion, crimes of fashion and what can only be assumed will be a steep rise in the hit man going rate due to inflation in 2020! The lean king, "Harvard" man himself Keith Morrison will take us into the belly of the storm in the first '20 episode out the gate. Actually the storm passes in the first 3.5 minutes of the Dateline...but all is not clear skies in Texas for new favorite Detectives Tracy & Eric and Prosecutor Darla Davis as they seek to uncover who killed the lovely and vivacious Diane Holik.

It's a case filled with red herrings, red dogs, and a perp that will make everyone, including cool as moose Keith, see red. And K & K have some deep burning questions for this one. Why would someone not love dogs? What the heck does despositive mean? And WHERE IS THE EVIL SEA WITCH WHO STOLE KIMBERLY'S VOICE? Some will be answered and some will be left swirling in the tiny tornadoes of the mind. And THAT is as close to Morrison poetry as these will ever get. Welcome to 2020 y'all!

Official Description from NBCU: The day after a huge rainstorm in Texas, a woman is found dead in her own home. Keith Morrison reports.

This Episode is dedicated to the new fashion house/girl band/fancy gift basket trio of Patroni---Pepper, Olivia & Nicole! Ladies, we can not make this show without support from flisteners like you. Thank you with all our hearts.

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After the Storm S.25 Ep.01

After the Storm S.25 Ep.01

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