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Agent Insider w/Francie Martinez

Agent Insider w/Francie Martinez

Update: 2021-03-19


On this episode Francie Martinez joins Kellen and Shane to talk about her transition from Real Estate to Lending. Francie also discusses the best practices and tactics to attract agents and build long-lasting relationships. 

4:15 Intro to Francie

8:30 Agent to lender transition

15:35 Best advice to attract new referral relationships

27:00 What would you tell your younger self


“Good times and bad, there will always be Real Estate sold.”

“If you are serious about building a business, then you will do what needs to be done.”

“A lot of the value is in assurance and ease of process.”

“Get really clear with who you want to work with.”

“It is ok to ask for business.”

Key takeaways

When times are tough you HAVE to be good at what you do. 

Don’t let your ego stop you from having success. 

Willing to do the mechanical tasks in the beginning builds the path for you to focus on the important tasks later. 

Agents and lenders timelines often do not match up so you need to understand your partners and what they do. 

Getting a rescue deal is sometimes your only shot at getting to show your value. 

Getting an agents attention is easier if you are putting well educated borrowers in the market. 

Getting to new agents is a great source is because they are hungry and you can build loyalty. 


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Agent Insider w/Francie Martinez

Agent Insider w/Francie Martinez

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