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Ajahn Dhammasiha Travel Itinerary Europe and Asia | Dhammagiri

Ajahn Dhammasiha Travel Itinerary Europe and Asia | Dhammagiri

Update: 2023-05-15


Ajahn Dhammasiha shares some information about his upcoming travels to Europe and Asia. If any of our global podcast audience likes to catch up personally, here's the dates in detail:

Thu 18 to 27 May Sumedharama, Lisbon, Portugal

10:40 am Arrival Lisbon, pick up to Sumedharama

Paying respects and spending time with our long standing Dhamma friend Ajahn Vajiro, who has provided support and advice to Dhammagiri in our early years.

More recently, he and local Sangha & laity have been working hard establishing the first Ajahn Chah monastery in Portugal.

Sat 27 to Wed 31 May Hartridge Buddhist Monastery

After meeting Ajahn Jutindharo many time in our Elders' Meetings, finally I get a chance to see his Hartridge Monastery. In 2020 they finished an inspiring meditation hall - can't wait to meditate/chant in that tranquil space.

31 May to 08 June Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Always uplifting and educational to come back to the largest Western monastery in our tradition, and to connect with the large Sangha of Amaravati, and abbot Ajahn Amaro.

08 to 17 June, Germany, Berlin & Hannover for Father's 80th Birthday


17 to 21 June, Germany, Muttodaya Waldkloster

Catching up with old 'kalyāṇa-mittas' (Dhamma friends) Ajahn Cattamalo and Ajahn Mettiko, and the local Sangha and international visitors at German 'Waldkloster' Muttodaya

22 to 28 June India, Dhammaram Delhi & Sangharama Monastery Land

There will be Dhamma program and meal offerings at the New Delhi Dhammarama Centre in Dwarka district. I believe more info will appear on their website closer to event, which you can access by clicking image below:

If conditions allow, we hope to visit the new monastery land 'Sanghārāma' at Adi Badri near Yamunanagar on 25/26 June, where Ajahn Jīvako together with a small, but highly dedicated Sangha are taking on the challenging task of developing the first forest monastery of the Ajahn Chah tradition in India.

Thu 28 June Morning Changi Airport, Singapore

06:10 Arrival Singapore Changi, SQ 403 from Delhi

Meeting with Ryan and other Dhamma friends, who offer breakfast at 'Jewel' Waterfall area.

10:15 Departure Singapore, SQ 112 to Kuala Lumpur

11:15 Arrival Kuala Lumpur KUL, Airport Dana and lift to BUBS Bandar Utama Vihara

Thu 28 June to 12 July BUBS Bandar Utama Vihara, KL

There will be Dhamma programs and meal offerings at Uttama Bodhi Vihara, and possibly at other Buddhist Centres in Kuala Lumpur.

Programs should become available on BUBS website later.

05 to 11 July Singapore, Palelai Buddhist Temple

Dhamma Programs & Meal Offerings, possibly including some other Buddhist Venues in Singapore as well. First time staying at Wat Palelai, who are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year.

However, old kalyāṇa mitta (Dhamma friends) from Wat Ananada will be catching up with me, too.

Details on Palelai website.

12 July Arrival back in Brisbane

06:55 am Arrival Brisbane, SQ 235 from Singapore

Should be enough time to easily reach the meal at Dhammagiri normal time 10:30 am


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Ajahn Dhammasiha Travel Itinerary Europe and Asia | Dhammagiri

Ajahn Dhammasiha Travel Itinerary Europe and Asia | Dhammagiri

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