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Albarino, Vermentino and Torrontes

Albarino, Vermentino and Torrontes

Update: 2020-08-19


Local wine expert Brian Giegerich and I sit down to talk about some of his favorite summer drinkers just as summer winds down. Three wines I've never tried before but really enjoyed. We'll go deep on each of these and a whole host of other topics from tasting to weather patterns. A great way to kick off the new podcast we can't wait to get to tasting with you!

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About Brian Giegerich:

Wines - 


Cellar Tracker -

Producer - Nora

Cost - $12-$15

Country - Spain

Sub Region - Rias Baixas 

Vintage - 2017

Basic Structural Components - Light bodies white, generally dry, higher acidity, medium alcohol

Basic Structure - medium bodied, light, easy to drink, softer edges 

Aroma - Citrus flavors, lemon, grapefruit, pear, soft melon, some minerality, honeysuckle or white flower, or slight wet stone

Specific Detail

Sight - light wine, young, green around the outer rim

Aroma - medium bouquet, soft melon, honeysuckle, 

Taste - high acid, but balanced well with the alcohol

Food Pairing - spicy food, seafood 

A note about Rias Baixas, which is no where near San Sebastian, but hey directions are hard.

When to drink: hot day

Tasting exercise - determine citrus flavors by adding each one to a glass

Consider what something might taste like based on how it smells


Producer - CostaMolino

Cost - $11 - $14

Country - Italy

Sub Region -  Sardinia 

Vintage - 2019

Good for: good summer group event, picnic, BBQ

Visual - straw hue, green edges. Tells us it’s a bit younger, looks healthy

Aroma - very aromatic, fruit forward, tropical fruit, sweet, mango, some citrus, nutty, blanched almond, grapefruit, young fruit

Taste - High acid, tart, dryness, scratchy on top of the tongue, higher alcohol, mintiness, green apple, lime

When to drink: hot day 


Producer - Colome

Cost - $12 - $15

Country - Argentina

Sub Region - Salta

Vintage - 2019

Visual: light, pale yellow, green around the edge

Aroma - fruit driven, peach, lemon, floral, nutmeg

Taste - medium acid, full bodied, 

Native grape to argentina

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Albarino, Vermentino and Torrontes

Albarino, Vermentino and Torrontes