Alien - Screening and Release

Alien - Screening and Release

Update: 2019-05-15


00:14 – Robin and Harry share their favorite moments and stories from the season thus far
04:06 – Ron explains why he never used other films as inspiration for Alien
04:45 – The creation of the adult Alien creature
07:18 – How Ron’s editing advice led to one of the biggest scare scenes in Alien
11:11 – Ron describes the feeling of seeing his words come to life on the set
13:01 – Ron’s vision for the scene where Ripley escapes
16:10 – The first screening of Alien
18:23 – Meeting Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty
19:14 – Ron speaks to the importance of the mood in Alien
20:27 – A new genre combining science fiction and horror
21:52 – How James Cameron convinced Fox to make a sequel to Alien
23:19 – Wrapping up the final days of shooting Alien
24:30 – Inviting Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to view the final product
26:10 – Robin and Harry speak to the cultural impact and significance of the movie Alien


• “I just saw it as I wanted the mood of Jaws but in outer space.” (04:39 )

• “This rubber suit was the most amazing suit I’d ever seen. It was so organic and so convincing. I knew right away it’s gonna look incredible on-screen cause on stage even when you knew it’s a rubber suit it scared the shit out of you.” (07:00 )

• “And then I was so excited that I got one of the biggest scares that I used to sit with a chair at the front of the movie theater whenever they’d do that scene and watch the audience jump back.” (10:56 )

• “The directors they had were good but they weren’t good enough to live up to Ridley and Giger’s work, to equal it.” (22:44 )

• “Spielberg said it’s better than Jaws. Lucas said it’s better than Star Wars.” (25:02 )

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Alien - Screening and Release

Alien - Screening and Release

Ronald Shusett, Robin Maxwell, Harry Duran