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All About Histamine Intolerance w/ Dr. Becky Campbell

All About Histamine Intolerance w/ Dr. Becky Campbell

Update: 2020-02-18


Histamine intolerance is something that impacts so many, yet few know the true impact it is having on their health. Dr. Becky Campbell is not just your typical functional medicine practitioner, after healing her own slew of health-related issues thanks to a practitioner that truly listened to her story, Dr. Becky decided that it was her purpose to help other women avoid the same struggles that she did.

The Hidden Root Causes Behind Your Experiences

The symptoms of histamine intolerance can be all over the board, which is why it is so important to educate yourself so that you can evaluate if it may play a role in the hidden root causes behind your experiences. Everything from your cooking habits to your stress can impact your histamine tolerance levels, and Dr. Becky is here to provide you will all the information you need to make smart histamine decisions. 

If you are curious about the connection between histamines, your symptoms, menstrual cycle, and more, this is the episode for you. By addressing your underlying issues and putting the protocols Dr. Becky provides you into place, it is possible to overcome your histamine obstacles and start to feel better through simple lifestyle solutions. 

Are you ready to get to the root causes of your symptoms and stop being afraid of food? Let us know which of Dr. Becky’s tips were your favorite in the comments section on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Gain an understanding of what histamine is and the role it plays in your body (4:16 )
  • Common symptoms to help you navigate a possible histamine intolerance (6:40 )
  • The difference between mast cell activation syndrome and histamine intolerance (9:02 )
  • Learn how slow cooking can impact your histamine tolerance and nutrition (26:02 )
  • What to do once you start to overcome your histamine intolerance symptoms (32:55 )



“There are histamine receptors all over the body, and that’s why the symptoms are so widespread, and that is what can make this very hard to diagnosis.” (6:53 )

“The reason I wrote this book is because this is overwhelming. And I have the type of brain that I work like I am very good at showing people how to make things basic, and not overwhelming. So I wanted to put it all into a manual, just do this and you will get better. And it does work! (13:35 )

“Once you kind of go through the steps of emptying your bucket, I want you to start visualizing certain foods being good for you, and not being afraid that they are going to hurt you still if they are not going to.” (17:49 )

“It can be really, really effective, you just have to really get to the source of what is going on.” (31:40 )

“You have to understand that the food was doing what it was doing because your body wasn’t ready to handle the amount of histamine that food contained. But now your body is in a different state than it was at that time, and your body is ready for it.” (34:28 )



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All About Histamine Intolerance w/ Dr. Becky Campbell

All About Histamine Intolerance w/ Dr. Becky Campbell

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