Alone Together

Alone Together

Update: 2020-07-24


True storytelling is a vehicle for human connection and can ignite hope during the darkest of times. Alone Together was launched by TMI Project in the spring of 2020 with the goal of creating a safe and welcoming space for people to connect around their shared experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. TMI Project invited writers from across the country via an open call to submit a story of up to 1000 words about hope, resilience, loss, loneliness, silver linings, and the unexpected gifts they’ve received during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting performance Alone Together was performed live via Zoom.

Alone Together is a bonus episode of TMI Project’s Podcast. This episode was produced by Hayley Downs and edited by Nate Brogan in partnership with Radio Kingson. Our theme song is “Secrets” by Edison Woods. TMI Project’s External Affairs Director is Sara DeRose, Operations Manager is Blake Pfeil, and Graphic Designer is Lauren Gill. Special thanks to Ida Hakkila, Kale Kaposhilin, Jimmy Buff, and Kashka Glowascka. 


Jacquese Armstrong, Edison, NJ

For Jacquese, the isolation of quarantine sparks flashbacks of a time nearly 40 years ago when psychosis, depression, paranoia, and anxiety held her captive in her apartment. Instead of focusing on the details of her past trauma, she puts to use what helped her so many years ago: her creative mind.  

Isa Coffey, Chatham, NY

When Isa’s COVID-19 symptoms reach their climax, she fears she may die alone and longs to connect with those she loves, but physical closeness is out of reach. As she fights for her life in solitude, she finds hope in the sound of Andrea Bocelli’s voice, as he sings by himself to the empty Duomo of Milan on Easter Sunday broadcast live worldwide.

Ryan Pfeil, Medford, OR

Ryan’s wife is a nurse and “called to war” during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a journalist, suddenly forced to work from home and to grapple with the juggling act of meeting deadlines, while being the primary caretaker of two young daughters. They want nothing more than his undivided attention.

Thomas Pickarski, New York, NY

Thomas contemplates his long-standing love affair with solitude as the backdrop of his alone time quickly shifts from the fast paced-world he has no desire to keep up with to one at a standstill.

Amanda Reed, Washington, DC

Amanda recently moved into her apartment in Washington, DC across the street from Smithsonian National Zoological Park. She lives alone, hasn't made many friends, and her whole family lives far away. She finds unexpected comfort in the company of her new neighbors, the captive lions. Their regular roars remind her to use this time to tap into her calling.

Terri Weagant, Brooklyn, NY

Amidst the global pandemic, Terri, newly unemployed and feeling desperate, becomes obsessed with a man she calls Charles. She calls him over 2,000 times before she gets through. You’ll have to hear her story to find out why her husband is not just understanding but grateful for her persistence and devotion to another man.

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Alone Together

Alone Together

Eva Tenuto, Amanda Reid, Hayley Downs, Thomas Pickarski, Jacquese Armstrong, Isa Coffey, Micah, Sara DeRose, Ryan Pfeil, Blake Pfeil, Terri Weagant