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Alone but forward moving

Alone but forward moving

Update: 2019-06-04


I recorded “Second Guessing Myself” over two months ago

Received a ton of personal messages and feedback

First Time in Bali - Two Weeks Traveling in Indonesia


Squarespace sponsorship for $1,000

Recorded a podcast episode with Brett Conti after we were both back in NYC

Talked about travel filmmaking, Gabe and Bali

He got an apartment and studio in the city

Doubling down on NYC content but can always travel

How I feel about digital nomad lifestyle

Relationship with India

Cambodia Tom Ford Shoot

$10,000 job all expenses included

Rented equipment

Zhiyun Weebill Lab + Sony A7III Cinematic Review


Squarespace sponsorship for $1,000

DJI Drone Cinematography Reel 2019


Extreme Computer Minimalism


Squarespace sponsorship for $1,000

Recorded a podcast interview with Cool Man Coffee Dan in Brooklyn

Attended his popup event at 368

Peak Design Travel Tripod


Sponsored by Peak Design for $2,000

Able to test it in the field here in Peru

Spent the past two weeks here in Peru

Inspired by Kurtis hiking the PCT I researched hikes all over the world

Hiking allows me to get away from crowded tourist spots. It takes research, planning, skill and patience to backpack for multiple days.

Went through the process of a hiker searching for treks and realized I can do this better

Make a hiking film, use that as a trailer for a blog post and then up sell a guide for anyone who wants to do it themselves.

Just looked at the whole process from the perspective of the tourist

Google reviews, video and photo for promotion, trek sponsorships

Choquequirao Trek

Inspire, inform and give a call to action

Why should I care?

The first minute of the film is a fast paced introduction to the hike and why you should go on it.

What is it like?

The main video is a full chronological account of what it was like to experience the trip myself.

How can I do it?

Spend the last minute convincing people to buy my PDF guide which explains everything they would need to know to go on their own including: packing list, cost breakdown and detailed schedule.

Sponsored by B&H for #adventureweek

Still planning but will probably do a live behind the scenes of the film in NYC in late June

Hiking films and guides on my website

I’d like to make formal filmmaking guides

Sony A7iii user guide

FCPX video editing guide

Life Update from Peru

Ausangate trek outside of Cusco

Squarespace sponsorship for $1,000

Book report project

Minimalist Expression

Quality over quantity

Minimalist consumption

I want to plan a hiking retreat for travel filmmakers in Upstate New York

When I’m ready I’ll make a type form opening applications for an assistant filmmaker while traveling

Email list vs just using Instagram

I hate email lists

Flying back to NYC for a video project outside of the city

With a Real estate company that I’ve worked for a few times before


Matt D’Avella

Will Darbyshire

Chef’s Table

The Beatles



Tim Kellner

Renee Lusano









Alone but forward moving

Alone but forward moving

Kraig Adams