DiscoverThe Unstuck Church Podcast with Tony MorganAm I the Right Leader? - Episode 160
Am I the Right Leader? - Episode 160

Am I the Right Leader? - Episode 160

Update: 2020-09-16


We’re hearing uncertainty on the lips of church leaders at organizations of all sizes. They’re asking this question:

“Am I the right leader for our church going forward?”

In most cases, yes, you are. God gave you the role you have for a time like this.

But that questioning you feel might be a sign you need someone walking beside you.

Every good player has a coach. Even the best of the best have a trusted advisor who can pull back the curtain, encourage them, say the hard things and ultimately make them better.

Too often ministry leaders find themselves without that kind of support in their corner.

In this episode, Tony and Amy discuss why coaching is vital to helping you be the best leader you can be, and how it will help you lead a healthier church into the future.

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Am I the Right Leader? - Episode 160

Am I the Right Leader? - Episode 160

Tony Morgan