DiscoverThe Jason Cavness ExperienceAmber Wright - CMO Sahasrara Inc
Amber Wright - CMO Sahasrara Inc

Amber Wright - CMO Sahasrara Inc

Update: 2021-09-20


On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Amber Wright – CMO at Sahasrara Inc CavnessHR Social Media CavnessHR website: Jason’s email: @CavnessHR across social media @jasoncavnessHR across social media We talk about the following What is a Tetrochromat Using meditation Her summer of 2018 Pros and cons of being an entrepreneur Amber’s Bio Amber helped to co-found the company Sahasrara Inc in January of 2020. We help with business development, specifically with web and software development, as well as market research. My path into business is quite interesting and I very much enjoy sharing the story. It goes into being an artist, musician and my path went through healing through depression. From a healing technique I started doing channel writing through my spirit guides. I wrote advice to make a website for my art,, which seemed absurd to me at the time. Then, the following year, I channel wrote a business plan for a non-profit I'm in the process of filing called Alighten, at is our mission statement. After writing and re-reading this business plan, I was inspired to go back to school to study finance, as part of the plan is for an institute for the study of Spiritual Science and Technology, where the students are paid to learn. After the first semester back in college to be a CPA (still attending), I was seeking financial advice, and became a licensed life and health insurance agent. From this, I am able to offer a wide range of financial services such as whole life indexed policies with living benefits. Now, I consider my intuition as a leader for business growth and work with other experts in the field of business development. I love what I currently do as the marketing officer at Sahasrara, and I wish there could be a few extra days in the week so I can get more done before the weekend! Amber’s Social Media Amber’s LinkedIn: Amber’s Website: Amber’s Nonprofit: Company Website: Amber’s Gift I want to give an offer for website packages. We have the basic website, which is three pages. We've got a complex website, it can have certain features, calendar integration appointments, subscription and up depending on what all your needs are. We also do ecommerce, Shopify WooCommerce. We do ongoing monthly maintenance, as well for website development. You can email Amber for more info at Amber’s Advice I just want to encourage people to be open to wisdom when it comes to you. You're not the only one in the universe. We all have our own unique experiences; we've all been through stuff. There are challenges that we've been through and it's this one thing about judging people or putting other people in a box due to what they look like. You have no idea what they've been through.









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Amber Wright - CMO Sahasrara Inc

Amber Wright - CMO Sahasrara Inc