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Amy Purdy: How to Be Your Best Self

Amy Purdy: How to Be Your Best Self

Update: 2019-01-0922


Whatever it is that you want to do in this new year- declare it.

Tell everyone.

One of the scariest things you can do is to admit your goals. What if you fail?

But saying your intentions out loud allows the universe and those around you to make them a reality.

Holding yourself accountable to what you really want won’t be easy, but it will force you to dig deep.

No one knows this better than my guest on today’s special episode of The School of Greatness. I’m sharing a speech from this year’s Summit of Greatness with an inspirational athlete and author: Amy Purdy.

Amy Purdy is a para-snowboarder, motivational speaker, clothing designer and New York Times bestselling author. She is a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist, 2018 Paralympics silver medalist, and co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports. In 2013, She was named one of the top 15 most marketable para-athletes in the world by the International Olympic Committee.

Amy has competed on CBS’s The Amazing Race and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, eventually becoming the show’s runner-up.

Amy used a tragedy that took her feet to push her to the next level. She teaches us to use obstacles not as a reason stop but as a springboard to new ideas.

So get ready to learn how to write your own story on Episode 743.

Some Questions Asked:

What message would you give to other disabled people? (10:26)

What’s next? (15:28)

How did you become such a great speaker? (17:34)

What do you do to stay motivated? (22:43)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

How to use what you have (11:57)

How Amy is aware of her time (14:07)

Why it’s important to tell stories that make you feel vulnerable (19:00)

The power of intention (23:40)

And much more...

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Ben Holt

srsly.... 9 minutes of adverts at the start?!?

Jan 10th

Austin Peek

Ben Holt If you're tired of ads taking up episodes & want to get inspired by real entrepreneurs sharing their story... Then from what I hear, the Millionaire Interviews Podcast, is off the chain!!! Heard the host is cool & is smarter than he looks too... 😎

Feb 21st

Andrew Cordray

Ben Holt then a half hour of self gratification. cool.

Jan 22nd








Amy Purdy: How to Be Your Best Self

Amy Purdy: How to Be Your Best Self

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