DiscoverThe Ray & Dregs Hockey PodcastAn 'Almost' Goalie Fight, NHL Headlines + Ask R&D Anything
An 'Almost' Goalie Fight, NHL Headlines + Ask R&D Anything

An 'Almost' Goalie Fight, NHL Headlines + Ask R&D Anything

Update: 2023-03-16


Travel ‘turbulence’ kicks things off as Ray recounts a full-day adventure to the passport office, and Dregs gets stuck with an airport ‘Karen’.

At least the guys didn’t cross Jordan Binnington! The St. Louis Blues goalie’s antics vs. the Minnesota Wild ALMOST led to a goalie fight with Marc-Andre Fleury. Ray points out that even Binnington can't slow the Wild, Minnesota is rolling with points in 14-straight games.

Headlines continues with the QMJHL’s plan to ban fighting in the league. The guys discuss implications of the decision, and if there could be a change to the NHL’s rules on fighting to follow. Ray recounts finding ‘quiet space’ on the ice in the often brutal melees of the 80’s and 90’s NHL. 

Dregs continues his coverage of the annual GM meetings in Florida, and ongoing discussions of extending the current 5-minute overtime. Ray shares his support for move, and proposes a Brian Burke idea of how to make OT more exciting. 

Duty calls for Kris Abbott as he was tied up during recording today. In his absence, the guys discuss Betano’s odds for teams making the playoffs: Islanders likely to clinch a spot, and the Calgary Flames 'burning' out.

In an expanded Ask Ray & Dregs Anything segment, the guys answer your questions, and give out FREE merch! Sheldon Keefe’s deployment of the Maple Leafs defence, Barry Trotz as GM in Nashville, and Hockey Canada adopting the US ‘NTDP’ model for development are discussed. Plus, Ray shouts out his Nonna’s pasta sauce (or gravy), and takes us back to his playing days… in little league!

Check out “Islanders A to Z”, a kid’s book from Joe Buono (aka. Isles Fix), you'll see a familiar face featured as the letter “F”! Partial proceeds from the book support Islanders Children’s Foundation. 

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An 'Almost' Goalie Fight, NHL Headlines + Ask R&D Anything

An 'Almost' Goalie Fight, NHL Headlines + Ask R&D Anything

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