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An Epic of Masculinity IV: Scholar

An Epic of Masculinity IV: Scholar

Update: 2019-02-152


We need to get back on track, by looking to history with respect, and to the future with realism and idealism. This is the masculine ideal for the path of the scholar. To history, with respect; to the future, with enlightened realism.

But this is something you must pursue on your own, as there are no institutions today calling upon any of us to do so. But why is this the case today? Why is this mature, balanced, thoughtful outlook so absent from the powerful corners of our society today?

While complex phenomena always result from many causes, I believe that there is one significant aspect that poorly shaped the intelligentsia, and therefore what we call “education,” today: risk. Or, to borrow from Taleb, there is no skin in the game.

Today I’m going to share with you stories that have stood the test of time. Those that you can apply to your own life, in your own way, right now, and forever. And best of all, it’s free. The venerable courts make up the ground we tread on everyday. They are simply waiting to be picked up and respected once again. And as your respect for these ancient wisdoms, and the true path of the scholar rises, so too will the ground beneath you. You will have a vantage point above and apart from triviality, insecurity, fear, and the greatest enemy to living an extraordinary life – blandness.

Welcome back to Hardcore Philosophy and part IV of "An Epic of Masculinity," Scholar.

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An Epic of Masculinity IV: Scholar

An Epic of Masculinity IV: Scholar

Evan Thomsen