DiscoverWise Women@Work with Felicia GarlandAn Eye for Style with Pamela Etzin EP: 31
An Eye for Style with Pamela Etzin EP: 31

An Eye for Style with Pamela Etzin EP: 31

Update: 2020-01-01


Pamela Etzin is the creator of An Eye For Detail, her personal shopping, styling and wardrobe consulting firm.  Uncovering and then elevating her client’s personal style is her passion.  “Finding your style is empowering,” says Pamela. “It increases your self confidence and enables you to achieve the success you desire.”

Pamela shares why personal style is so much more that randomly putting things together to make an outfit.  “It is all about getting to know yourself, taking your body type, lifestyle, budget and purpose together in a way that accentuates your best self,” she offers. ‘When those elements are brought together, you will have tapped into a style that will allow you to command the room.”

Over time, she says, women tend to purchase the same types of clothing, and often lose sight of their own style and what they like. Pamela’s job is to help them uncover their personal style-- one that fits within their lifestyle and budget. “If you don’t feel good in it, there is no point in wearing it,” Pamela says.  And for her, this is where the rubber meets the road. 


We’ve all done it.  We’ve bought something on a whim, because it’s on sale or out of a need for retail therapy. But then, when we have a big presentation, interview, business pitch or social event, we end up staring at a bulging closet and can’t find anything to wear. “If you don’t love it, you’re not going to wear it,” advises Pamela.

Once you appreciate your style, shop based on what you love, need and are going to use, she continues.  Pamela shares her experiences as a personal shopper, one of the services where she believes she can add real value.  “It’s all about quality over quantity,” she says.  “Pieces that light you up, are of good quality, and fit you well are worth the investment.”  “Those investments will serve you better than purchasing based solely on low prices and sales.”

And if you need to clean out that closet, Pamela advises to donate what you no longer need or want.  She admits it can be difficult for some of us to do that. “But, I can help with that, too,” she chuckles.


Pamela was fortunate in her choice of careers and to have found it early on. Fashion has been in her blood as long as she can remember, with her father as her earliest inspiration.  She has worked at all levels of the fashion industry, and she shares her stories of coming up the ranks on Seventh Avenue.

While Pamela enjoyed her career in corporate America, she wasn’t a fan of the sales goals and numbers-oriented sales tactics. She prefers to connect on a personal level with her clients.  Getting to know her clients is the most important thing for her.

When Pamela begins working with a client, she does her due diligence to understand their work culture and the role they play in the organization. Also important---where do they want to be in the organization? She describes how she works to uncover her client’s particular needs.  Her process is useful to anyone who provides a personal service.


Finally, Pamela believes in the importance of quality self care. She defines self care as an investment in ourselves. Her advice: “When we feel good, our energy is good and we can accomplish so much more.”

About Pamela:

Pamela is the founder of An Eye for Detail Inc., her wardrobe, style, and personal shopping service.

Pamela is on a mission to inspire women to feel great about themselves. She is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, and began her career in New York City’s garment center in show-room sales.  Later, s moved to retail sales. After a 20-plus year career in fashion retailing, she set out on her own, as the founder of An Eye for Detail.  That was over eight years ago, and she’s never looked back.

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An Eye for Style with Pamela Etzin EP: 31

An Eye for Style with Pamela Etzin EP: 31

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