DiscoverThe DailyAn Impeachment Manager on Trump’s Acquittal
An Impeachment Manager on Trump’s Acquittal

An Impeachment Manager on Trump’s Acquittal

Update: 2021-02-1630


There was a sense of fatalism going into former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. Many felt that it would almost certainly end in acquittal.

Not the Democratic impeachment managers. “You cannot go into a battle thinking you’re going to lose,” said Stacey Plaskett, the congressional representative from the U.S. Virgin Islands who was one of the managers.

Today, we sit down with Ms. Plaskett for a conversation with Ms. Plaskett about the impeachment and acquittal and what happens next.

Guest: Delegate Stacey Plaskett of the U.S. Virgin Islands, an impeachment manager in the second trial.

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Background reading: 

  • Who is Stacey Plaskett? She could not vote to impeach President Donald Trump, but she made a case against him in his Senate trial.
  • As one of the few Black lawmakers to play a role in the impeachment proceedings, Ms. Plaskett plans to turn her newfound prominence into gains for her constituents.

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Terry Miller

Utter nonsense and propaganda. If you're getting your news solely from The Daily and other podcasts of it's ilk, you're doing yourself a disservice. This is a manufactured reality and not truthful reporting in the slightest.

Feb 16th
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Joseph Crawford

This is a cute narrative not based in reality. What happened to the America of innocent till proven guilty. The constitution is swiss cheese and this isnt unifying anything. The anti-woke and anti-racist are the same mentality. Understand the original system was the best goverment for equality that's ever existed we just need to update it with technology. Just be tolerant of everyone, love is the only thing can heal this nation. No one is laying under the jack boots of the other side weve all experienced freedom and will never surrender that; so quit contributing for clickbait. That is all, have a nice day and I sincerely mean that.

Feb 16th
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An Impeachment Manager on Trump’s Acquittal

An Impeachment Manager on Trump’s Acquittal

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