DiscoverHistory ImpossibleAn Impossible Interview V: Goran Adamson
An Impossible Interview V: Goran Adamson

An Impossible Interview V: Goran Adamson

Update: 2022-01-26


Impossible Interviews returns with an excellent guest, Göran Adamson, professor of sociology and writer of numerous books including Populist Parties and the Failure of Political Elites, The Trojan Horse: A Leftist Critique of Multiculturalism, and, most importantly in the context of this interview and History Impossible more broadly, Masochistic Nationalism: Multicultural Self-Hatred and the Infatuation with the Exotic.

Listeners of the previous episode of History Impossible--the Hitler Avatar and His Masochistic Priestess--will no doubt recognize the title, the name, and concept in question here, and as much as I wanted to pretend I have a firm grasp on the concept of masochistic nationalism, I figured having the man himself on the show to pick his brain on his concept of masochistic nationalism was necessary, both for all of you fine ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends. 

Masochistic nationalism as a concept is broadly discussed as well as its implications in the present, and I even managed to throw in a couple observations that I'd like to think managed to intrigue Göran. If you're further intrigued by the subjects in question, make sure to click the hyperlinks above to check out Göran's important work.

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An Impossible Interview V: Goran Adamson

An Impossible Interview V: Goran Adamson

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