DiscoverPlaymakers - The Game Industry PodcastAn Introduction from Your Host Jordan Blackman
An Introduction from Your Host Jordan Blackman

An Introduction from Your Host Jordan Blackman

Update: 2017-05-06


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In this short intro, host Jordan Blackman explains the genesis of the podcast, discusses who will get the most out its programming, and briefly outlines his own game industry experience. This show is designed to be valuable to ambitious game industry professionals. We cover how to make better games, build better studios, and have better careers. The way we do that is by bringing on top industry experts and achievers and interviewing them for useful know-how and insights. This show is for you if: You want creative and business success in the game industry. You're an ambitious indie developer who wants to make a great game that's also received by a big audience. You care about great game design and game stories. You're a lead at a studio looking to learn from the industry's top creators. You work at a publishing company and want to understand what today's business leaders are doing to drive brand successes. You want to understand how Free to Play gaming works. This show is not for you if: You don't think the business aspect of making games is important. You are looking for the latest industry news. You're looking for subjective opinions about various game platforms. You're looking for "hacks" or quick fixes to make your game or company a success. About your host, Jordan Blackman: Jordan has been writing, producing, and designing games for over a decade. He is a mobile game design expert, an accomplished producer, and an instructor of Game Design. His work for Novalogic, Zynga, and Ubisoft has generated several hundred million dollars. Jordan has produced and designed for numerous million-selling franchises, including FrontierVille, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Joint Operations, CSI:, and CastleVille. Jordan is the industry leader who brought CSI to Facebook with the smash hit, CSI: Crime City. He went on to Zynga where he led the creative team on FrontierVille, one of the most popular and profitable games of all time. Jordan has collaborated with top studios worldwide including Telltale games, Area/Code, Other Ocean, Buzzmonkey, Ubisoft Shanghai, and Zynga SF. Partners Jordan has worked with include CBS, Ogilvy, Sony, American Express, and many more. He currently serves as a consulting designer and producer for leading organizations inside and outside the game industry. His clients include Nickelodeon, EA Sports, Beeline, AMC Networks, the Pokemon Company, and others.
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An Introduction from Your Host Jordan Blackman

An Introduction from Your Host Jordan Blackman

Jordan Blackman