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An irregular but brief aside

An irregular but brief aside

Update: 2020-05-01


content: May 1, 2020

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I’m going to take an irregular but brief aside. I think I’ve done this one or maybe two whole other times since starting the podcast back in August of 2016.

A little background on me. I stopped drinking and using drugs in 1992 when I was 19. I started both too early. I started drinking again in 2002 and then stopped again in 2012. The last five years of alcoholic drinking were the worst years of my life.

After getting sober this time I’ve made recovery my main spiritual pursuit. Well, life pursuit really. On the podcast I explore all the facets of that. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Along with the podcast, I’ve also got this website. It’s got my blog, updated fairly often, with brief thoughts, full fledged articles, and probably too many photos, The podcast episodes usually start with a blog article I’ve written. And then I got photo galleries, too, for when I take too many pictures at once.

I also got a full fledged online store with coffee mugs, t-shirts, photo prints, what have you. Guess what? You can make a podcast donation, too, support the show and all that. Right there on the website. Because you guys are the best.

I was thinking of starting a Patreon page. Are you guys into that?

If you don’t wanna spend any money, how about you complete the super-duper quick podcast survey? And then you’d have my eternal gratitude. I love listener/reader interaction!

Anyways, I also dabble in social media. Links for the various accounts are on my About page.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something more to listen to while in COVID quarantine, there are 215 total episodes in the podcast archive at last count. All of them are available for free of course. Right there in your podcast app. Because you deserve it. But wait, they’re also listenable on the website,too!

Listenable, is that a word?

It all goes back to the website: The website’s got it all. It’s even serving up this very episode you’re listening to. What the cluck... 😉

To wrap this intermission up, you can find links to everything above in the show notes. What are those you say? In your podcast app (if it’s a good one) there’ll be a link or a little i with a circle around it which lets you tap into the episode details. The podcasts I listen to call those details the show notes.

I don’t say this often enough but I love doing my podcast. I really do. If you like this podcast, share it with your friends on social media. Tell your mom to listen. My mom does.

Questions, comments, weird stories of your own? Email me at robot @ tcrbang dot com. I read all the emails and respond to almost all of them. You can also contact me through the social media accounts mentioned earlier or by using the good but old fashioned contact form on, you guessed it, the website.

On with the show...

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An irregular but brief aside

An irregular but brief aside